About Us
Buying a business can be a daunting affair, specially so for the First-time Business Owner.

We believe that Word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of advertising and invite you to talk to our clients as a reference to our credentials.

We will provide you with assistance, opinions and information on currently available businesses without pressure or haste
Rohit Mukherjee
License: ER40047333
Rohit Mukherjee has over 8 years of experience in real estate transactions. He has a BSc from the University of Colorado in Business Operations Management and Real Estate.

Rohit has worked extensively in the Small Business sector, and past experience includes working in sectors such as: Commercial Real Estate Investments, Business Mergers and Acquisitions, Emerging Market Investment Research and IT Advertising and Marketing.

Barinder 'Victor' Chahal
License: FA40043015
Victor Chahal has over 6 Years of experience in real estate transactions. Over the years Victor has owned and operated many businesses in the Denver Metro area.

Owing to his on-the-ground knowledge of running businesses and his experience in real estate, Victor is able to help guide Buyers and Sellers through a successful transaction for their small business or home purchase.
Garrett P. Walls

Garrett Walls works extensively in Commercial Leasing. He has a BA from the University of Denver in Public Policy, Political Science, and International Studies. Garrett\'s experience and expertise also includes Public Relations and Political Policy analysis as he has worked for the Colorado State Senate and various political organizations.

As an owner and operator of multiple businesses, Garrett has a unique perspective that enables him to protect and assist our clientele be they Buyer or Seller, Landlord or Tenant.